It's All for the Glory of God


There has been a lot of things that have taken place in my life that God continues to use to shape and conform me into the person that He wants me to be and there is much work that is still to be done, but no matter what God’s plan is perfect and good. 

The following will give you a quick glimpse into my testimony: I grew up in a broken home, where there was a lot of abuse, spent some time in a few foster homes, ran away at 16, fell into all the wrong things, and got into more trouble than I care to talk about.

Then in 2009, after over ten years of serving in the Army, being married to my lovely wife Becki, having three children, a ton of trials, lots of pain, many tears, and not to mention the trials that come with being deployed, the Lord finally called me to Himself and saved this broken vessel.

At the time that He saved me, my marriage was about to come to an end, my children didn’t want to be around me, and I was on a path headed for destruction.

Not knowing why at the time, the Lord began leading me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Religion, and a few years later He called me into the pastoral role.

Now only by the grace of God, and yet still with many trials, I have served as a pastor in two churches, completed my Masters in Theology, completed a Masters in Divinity, and now I am currently enrolled in my Doctorate of Ministry in Theology and Apologetics at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. And all of this was only done through His strength and with the wisdom and knowledge that He provides. Outside of God’s hand and grace, I am just a mess. 

Most importantly the Lord has completely changed my life, my marriage, and my relationship with my children, and it is all for His glory. As of now, I have been married for over 20yrs and the Lord has done things in our marriage that are unfathomable. And though I don’t deserve any of it, as His children our Father in Heaven always gives us that in which we do not deserve, instead of that in which we do deserve. 

Today, both Becki and I both desire deeply to help others grow in their marriage, in their faith, and to make disciples for the Lord and this ministry is just one more way that we are seeking to do just that. Becki is also working to help people build stronger marriages and you can find her at